Our Vision & Beliefs

Our Vision & History

After Working In Private Practice For Over A Decade, Kerri Pearson felt inspired to open a private practice that would serve the community in both practical and unique ways. She dreamed about a collection of therapists who would treat individuals and families with distinct care, but also connect them to their community: their doctors, their schools, their churches, their sponsors … anyone who might be able to facilitate their healing process. We also dreamed of becoming a place where clinicians could receive top-notch training and build their own unique private practice within Lakewood. We think everyone, no matter what kind of resources they have, should have access to quality counseling.

Our Beliefs

When Lakewood Counseling Center opened in 2017, it was our heart’s desire that we become a place where each and every person who entered our doors, no matter how big or small their problems were, would feel cared for, safe, and important.

We believe that faith plays an integral role in the lives of our clients, regardless of the specifics of what they believe. As Christian counselors, we believe our faith guides us in the counseling process with each person we see. Please know, however, that we work with people from all backgrounds, including religious and non-religious belief systems.

We do not seek to impose our beliefs upon others, but we do recognize that our beliefs impact and shape our work with clients. Ultimately, it is our goal to see our clients living out balanced and healthy lives – emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Whether you are seeking individual, couples, marriage, teen, child, or family counseling, you will find that your counselor is sympathetic to the role faith plays in your life.